Utility Survey

UtilityINFO adopted the use of advance Electromagnetic Induction Pipe and Cable Locators to locate all kinds of underground utilities, including power and telephone cables, and gas, water, drainage and foul pipes, etc. The depth and position of underground utilities are unveiled according to the standards and requirements specified in Government contracts and specifications of Hong Kong Institute of Utility Surveyors (HKIUS). Sonde and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Leak Noise Correlator (LNC) and Slope Inspection will also be employed to identify the location and depth of underground non-metallic pipes and other anomalies within the scope of these instruments. Corresponding drawings and reports are automatically, effectively and efficiently generated through our Integrated Database Management System (IDMS), which greatly reduces the duration for underground utilities investigation.


Cable Detection

UtilityINFO(1Call) Provide:

The Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation 《供電電纜(保護)規例》requires that a competent person should undertake cable detection to ascertain the existence, alignment and depth of underground electricity cables before excavation. The competent person shall be approved by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services under the Regulation.

A competent person should follow the following cable detection procedures:
Approach working party for works site drawings and electricity suppliers' cable plans before cable detection takes place.
Carry out passive cable detection and propose trial hole locations.
Supervise the excavation of trial holes to expose the target underground electricity cables.
Carry out toroidal active cable detection (環形有源電纜探測) to confirm the position of unexposed underground electricity cables.
Mark the alignment and depth of underground electricity cables on the ground.
Take photos to record the cable detection process.
Provide a "Competent Person Written Report" to the working party.
Conduct site briefing to site personnel to explain the contents of the Report and the safety precautions.


GIS Services

UtilityINFO is the leader in the Geographical Information System (GIS) in the utilities sector. It has implemented numerous mission critical systems for large corporations like MTR, The University of Hong Kong, BUDA, etc. We are specialized on GIS consultancy, workflow management, document management, and project control on construction industries also. Our GIS partners are ESRI and Intergraph.

UtilityINFO was one of the subcontractors to support the contractors of the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 2 (SOA-QPS2) which is part of the Government's IT outsourcing strategy aiming to enlarge the delivery capacity for IT services; accelerate the delivery of IT solutions; and create a market of sufficient size to encourage the further development of the IT industry locally.